Rage-O-Meter ... COMING SOON


Quote pokey ( http://plus.google.com/103622476548924677148/posts/B1aTixLYYZr ):

Here is how the RAGE-O-Meter could work: It would be a web page which is aware of how many people are viewing it at the moment. Each person could toggle their own rage from 0 to +1 (no negative rage here). The RAGE-O-Meter would simply divide the number of +1s by the total possible (ie. the number of people viewing the page at the moment) to get a percentage, and translate that to a color on the fly. You and/or Dan could also have a remote reset for when you change the topic. Don't ask me how in the world one would code such a thing (I'm not a coder), I just thought I'd share my opinion of how the rules might look.

Domain purchased, work begun.

In the meantime, check out: http://oggcastplanet.org/ or perhaps http://linuxoutlaws.com/